Commissions temporarily on hold

It’s been a busy year and I am holding off on any new commissions until I can get caught up. Thanks for checking in & I hope to see you again soon!

Commissioned paintings are available on a case by case basis, please contact me with your favorite family photo for a quote or to see if it’s possible. Pricing will be determined by the type of image, complexity and size.

To the right you will see the typical process. I take a photo, enhance as much as possible and make the drawing from it on the canvas. Then we create a grisaille painting, which is a type of tonal representation of the photo. This is the “underpainting” which is painted over in successive layers of paint. The detail and color is built up to render the final painting.

The completed painting needs to dry for several days or more, then it is covered in a thin layer of varnish. That dries in a day or two, packaged carefully, and sent to live in it’s new home.

I usually paint on standard size canvasses and hardboard panels, so it should be fairly easy to frame. Frames can be custom made at most any frame shop, Michaels and Etsy has a thriving community of frame makers. I like floater frames personally, but there are many options available for your new painting to go with your home’s decor.

Please send me a shot of the finished piece in it’s new home, I love to see where they end up!