Hello everybody. Thanks for checking out the site!

Honestly, painting is one of those things I love doing but have always done for myself. My daily work is creating very different kinds of art for clients. The client asks for something I create it with their constraints of color, medium and sometimes direction. So I channel my creativity into their needs, which is what I have been doing for most of my life.

Painting is an outlet for me, and lets my mind go wherever it leads me. A positive side effect is it tends loosen up your mind in all creative endeavours. The freedom to create something from total scratch is exciting. Sometimes it makes it hard to go back to the computer for the corporate work.

I have sold art online several times before, but selling original paintings is a new beast. The random sizes and packing required makes figuring out shipping difficult. So, currently I am going to set a local pickup option and if I need to ship I will charge separately per painting. Hopefully this will become easier to figure out as I move forward.

Keep checking back as I load my backlog of paintings as well as new paintings I try to paint daily. Also, I plan to do some plein air paintings sometime soon.