There are several go-to painting video channels I frequent, these are some of my favorite YouTube painting video creators. A variety of styles, methods and approaches. All-in-all these are a great way to learn, build skills and try new things. Painting can be frustrating at times, also you can reach plateaus and need a trick to get you over the hump. 

yupari artist youtube creatorYupari

Yupari is a creator that I have been fortunate enough to take a few in-person classes with. He’s very accessible, has a clear method that is easy to understand, and is open to sharing his tips and tricks with you. Yupari is classically trained, and that is a great advantage to learn the methods that have been used and working for centuries. I really enjoyed my time in his classes and also viewing his live streams on YouTube. Definitely check his channel out.


Gurney paintingJames Gurney

A true professional with lots of great information to share. From his sketch easel, to painting in gouache, he always shows his process and is still trying new things. I always learn something, always come away with something to try and an excitement for my next piece. 


ChamberlainMichael Chamberlain

Chamberlain is a plein air painter from San Francisco. I found him on YouTube, and have been watching him for years. He paints mostly plein air, or outdoors, so his subjects are the streets of San Francisco and the beautiful coastline of Northern California. I have been inspired by him to go out and paint plein air myself, and I have taken inspiration from his numerous painting rigs. I have gotten a ton of useful information from watching his channel!


nicolas uribeNicolas Uribe

An amazing painter from NY, who, with his partner Daniela Ocampo Díaz, has been creating a daily painting vlog on youtube. He tries to demystify the painting process by painting all types of subjects, painting on paper, painting using weird colors and posing challenges for himself. He even does one day entirely in Spanish.


Kyle Buckland

Kyle is a plein air landscape artist who paints in an impressionistic, but somewhat more modern style. His videos focus on the process and he shows his palette right next to his painting in a vertical set up. I enjoy watching him work, and I think he lives in the same general area as I do, so his subject matter is similar to what I see around me.

Here are a few more to check out, leave a comment if you have one I missed. I think there is a ton of great painting content out there and it’s so exciting to find ways to build your skillset and expand your knowledge.


Claire Bowen


Graeme Stevenson (Colour in Your Life)


Lena Rivo


Ian Roberts


Paint Coach – Chris Fornatero


John Stobart


Turner Vinson


Chelsea Lang


And last –  Not really painting, but painting restoration (for fun)

Baumgartner Restoration