Morning Serenity at Assawoman Bay, Ocean City


Capture the tranquil beauty of Assawoman Bay on a sunny summer morning with this original oil painting on a 9×12-inch canvas panel. Painted en plein air in July 2023, this stunning piece of art allows you to escape to the picturesque landscape of Ocean City, Maryland, and experience the serenity of this beloved coastal destination.

The artist skillfully portrays a breathtaking view of Assawoman Bay as the first rays of the morning sun cast a warm and golden glow across the water. The calm bay glistens with reflections of the surrounding landscape, inviting you to take a moment and soak in the peace of the moment.

In the foreground, the charming Northside Park pier reaches out into the bay, offering a glimpse of a perfect spot for leisurely strolls, fishing, and embracing the waterfront ambiance. The pier’s weathered pilings and railings add a touch of rustic charm to the scene.

As your gaze stretches into the distance, you’ll find the iconic Montego Bay bayside community, with its waterfront homes nestled along the shoreline. The homes’ vibrant colors are beautifully reflected in the bay’s gentle waters, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and human presence. This peaceful scene evokes a sense of nostalgia and a longing for a simpler, coastal way of life.

This original painting is a timeless piece that captures the essence of Assawoman Bay’s beauty on a warm summer morning. Whether you have a personal connection to Ocean City, Maryland, or simply appreciate the serenity of coastal landscapes, this artwork will make a captivating addition to your collection.

Bring the tranquility and beauty of Assawoman Bay into your home with this original oil painting. It serves as a wonderful conversation piece and a reminder of the serene moments spent by the water’s edge. This artwork is a unique opportunity to own a piece of the picturesque Maryland coastline and a perfect addition to any art lover’s collection. Don’t miss the chance to make it yours and keep the spirit of Ocean City close at hand.

  • 9×12-inches
  • canvas panel on gatorboard
  • oil painting
  • painted en plein air (on location) July 2023
  • Assawoman Bay, Ocean City, MD

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(This painting is not framed)

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