My wife wrote this post for me. I am selling this art to the highest bidder to help some friends in need. Please be generous!
My (wonderfully kind and talented) husband Scott has offered up his artwork as a vehicle to raise money for our friends in need. The 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas, pictured here and entitled “The Yellow House in Old EC,” was painted in Plein Air during the Summer of 2022 as part of Old Elliott City’s “Paint It” fine art competition, where Scott’s work was recognized with a sponsored award from AARP of Maryland. His paintings retail for $1800 in a gallery setting. We ask interested art lovers to consider a starting bid of $100.00 for this work. All proceeds will benefit our friends living on the margins in Baltimore City and elsewhere. These folks have worked HARD to get clean and stay clean, all while raising children, returning to school, managing medical bills without insurance, and getting to work daily by bus (with multiple connections). Trust me, as someone fortunate enough to have accompanied some amazing humans make the transition from homeless to hopeful. I can confidently share that being poor has nothing to do with not wanting to work. Often as the formidable advocate for the marginalized Dorthory Day shared in 1970, these”…problems stem from the acceptance of this lousy, rotten system.” The thing is, I have also learned you need money to fight said system. So like-minded, art-loving folks, if you are interested in bidding, helping Scott and me help some good people while giving the system a little push, please Facebook Message me. The auction will close on November 23. (Crossposted on Scott Henderson Art socials, this is a public post, please share liberally!)